Spidey's Harry Osborn in 127 Hours

James Franco officially become a major role in the latest movie directed by Danny Boyle called 127 hours.


Depp For Pirates Of The Caribbean Four

This is what we are waiting for: Pirates Of The Caribbean Four. It is reported that Johhny Depp currently working with the producers of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise on the story for the fourth movie.


Brittany Murphy Drug Report

Hotgossip reports the final reports in the Britanny Murphy death were finally released.


Taylor Swift in Valentine's Day Movie

Taylor Swift starring Valentine's Day with Taylor Lautner. It's surprising but i think its great. Her first apperance on tv screen is as guest star in CSI:Las Vegas series. Now she's act at movie screen, its a great progress for her career on entertainment industries.


Bruce Willis Becoming RED

In a blog, mentioned that Bruce Willis, 54 years old action icons, will play a role in a new film entitled RED, an adaptation WildStorm/DC comics.


Brandon Routh from Superman to Zombie

Superman actor will soon join sci-fi movie, taking zombie theme, vampire and werewolf. Brandon will act as Dylan, a man who has six senses by detect somebody's dream.


Megan Fox in Hex

Brian Austin Green ex-wife, Megan Fox, will most likely to join with Josh Brolin, and John Malkovich.By the end of March 2009, Fox involved in a difficult negotiations to sign a contract in the movie called Jonah Hex.


Team B for Wahlberg & Ferrel

Rumour about the making big screen version of The A Team was disappointing as well as enliven the public because they never clear.


Drug dealing involve Kiefer and Barkin

Kiefer Sutherland and Ellen Barkin will be involved in the complicated problems sourrounding the drug trade in Manhattan, which also involved by youth dealer.


Ricci born to be a porn star

Adam Sandler still insist to bring Christina Ricci's name in his newly movie, to became a porn movie star.

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